Session 1.2

I was reminded of a story I heard at the web 2.0 conference last fall.  There was a student who was unable to go to school for a long period because of a sickness.  The teacher hooked her up to the class via skype and it turned into a very positive thing for all of the students.

I’m thinking that I’d like to create a teacher id on skype and have all of my grade 9 students register with me next year so that I can skype them into my class if they’re at home and would like to hear what’s going on in class.

Here is a great attitude towards  IT. Being open and excited to learn new things is a great attitude towards life and especially for teachers.  As teachers, our excitement about learning gets passed on to our students.


Session 1.1

The blog is created and I’m hooked up with Netvibes and the three RSS feeds.