Museum Continued

The museum visit went smoother than the previous week’s visit. When we first arrived, a guide came to find us and asked Phil to contact the museum in the future if he had a group of more than ten people.  He also told him that he would let him continue the tour that day because he only had a few more people than the alotted ten.  Interestingly, the senior consultant had told Phil that week that there were no rules limiting groups to ten people.  Obviously someone is doing something sneaky behind the scenes.  The senior consultant also asked Phil not to blog about the incident anymore, which suggests that the blogging and videos did exert some pressure towards action on the museum’s part.  The security in the second building still had an issue with admitting our group of fourteen, but the incident was rather short.  All in all, it appears that the issue has been resolved for Phil and his students, though I have a feeling that other groups might encounter the same problems if they tried.


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